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Range Rules

1. Ranges are for club member use only and one accompanied guest.
2. Members shall be in full control of their guests.  Junior members shall be supervised by an adult aged 18 or older.
3. Firearms muzzles shall be pointed in a safe direction at all times.
4. All uncased and un-holstered firearms shall remain unloaded and actions open when people are forward of the firing line. No firearms shall be handled when people are forward of the firing line.
  50/100 Yard Range: Targets shall be placed as close as practical to the backstop berms and centered up and down. Shotguns may be used, however, only slugs and buckshot. No birdshot shall be used on the 50/100 yard range. 
  25-Yard Utility Range and 50-Yard Utility Range: Novelty targets such as plastic bottles, soda cans and other target media shall not be placed on the ground or on the target stand bases. It shall be the sole responsibility of the member to ensure bullets impact the berm.
5. Novelty Targets*: Novelty Targets shall be removed by the shooter immediately when shooting is concluded. Refer to the list of items prohibited for use on Ranges. Empty Alcohol containers are prohibited from being used as targets on all ranges.
  Tannerite Use: only be permitted in containers up to one-half (1/2) pound-quantities as provided by the manufacturer. No Tannerite shall be used on the Skeet/Trap Range.
6. Used targets shall be taken down and carried out when shooting is concluded. For the 25 and 50-Yard Utility Ranges, Target frames shall be returned to the stands when shooting is concluded. Glass and alcoholic containers are prohibited on club property, excepting at meetings and work parties. Shooters and spectators shall wear appropriate eye and ear protection.
7. The discharging of any firearms is to take place exercising safety at all times from a firing line(Hunting excepted). When using the 25-yard range, Shooter(s) may elect to stand closer to targets when alone or when all shooters agree to move forward of the firing line. Shooters who move forward but then fail to yield the range when asked, will face disciplinary action.
8. No alcoholic beverages or empty alcohol containers are permitted on any ranges. No impaired persons shall be permitted on any range.
9. The range officer, when designated, any elected club officer, or any member of the board of directors may, at any time, ask any person to leave the range, or close the range. Any member may call an officer or director to report a safety violation.
10. Fully automatic firearms using common handgun cartridges are permitted on the 25-yard utility range. Other types of fully automatic firearms (Class III) are permitted only on the 50-Yard Utility Range.
11. Semi-automatic firearms shall not be fired by a mechanical device in a manner that simulates full automatic fire, except those firearms equipped with an approved slide fire-type stock.
12. Members shall possess their club membership card while on club premises. Any Officer or Club member may request to see the membership card at any time and the membership card shall be produced for inspection.
13. Shooting hours are from 8:00 am to sunset only.
14. All serious injuries and accidents shall be reported promptly to a club officer or board member.



  • Home Electronics: Radios, Televisions, Appliances, Computers, CRT monitors, and other electronic devices. (not intended to preclude shooting chronographs)
  • Glass Bottles of any kind.
  • Alcoholic Beverage containers: Liquor, Beer and Wine Bottles, Beer Cans, Wine Bottles and Boxes, and any other container not named above that contained an alcoholic beverage.
  • Large Stuffed Animals
  • Aerosol Cans: Spray Paint, WD-40 cans, etc. Shaving cream ok...(until shot cans are left behind and we have to clean them up.)
  • Hazmat Containers: Any container that held a hazardous material: Acetone, Gasoline, Oil, Thinner, Turpentine, Stain, Lacquer, etc.
  • Automotive:  Car Doors, Auto windows, etc.

PLEASE! Whatever is put on the range for shooting purposes, Needs to be remove from the range. Don't make it the sole responsibility of a few members to clean up after you!  USE OF PROHIBITED ITEMS MAY RESULT IN SUSPENSION AND POSSIBLE TERMINATION OF CLUB MEMBERSHIP. SPINNER TARGETS AND DUELING TREES TO BE REMOVED FROM THE RANGE WHEN SHOOTING HAS CONCLUDED, WHETHER SERVICEABLE OR UNSERVICEABLE.